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Professional Bat Exclusion
      The most effective method for removing bat colonies from buildings is the “Exclusion Method”. This method is the most widely used by industry professionals. Typically in the exclusion method the entire building is gone over with a fine tooth comb. Any nooks, crannies, cracks, or crevices that a bat could possibly use to enter the building are sealed appropriately. Any location that shows evidence of current bat entry receives a “1-Way Door”. This allows all bats in the attic to exit the building in the evening as they normally would. But when the bats try and re-enter the building they are locked out by the 1-way doors. These bats will undoubtedly search the building for alternate entry ways into the attic. This is why it is crucial that ALL other potential entries be sealed in advance. After all bats have exited the building the 1-way doors are removed and final repairs done to those locations.                                                                                                                                                                      Late fall thru early spring are not optimal times to exclude a bat colony; due to the fact the bats are hibernating and rarely active. However, using the exclusion method we can get the bats out of the building in a time efficient manner. The sealing of the building and 1-way door installation can be done immediately; the project will then remain dormant until spring. As the bats come out of hibernation they will then exit through the 1-way doors and thus be excluded from the building. At that point the 1-way doors can be removed, final sealing done, and the project considered completed. 
           May 15 through September 1 is also a poor time to exclude certain bat colonies. During this time frame maternal bat colonies will have offspring in the attic. Any attempt at exclusion at this point will lead to the juvenile bats being orphaned and abandoned in the home where they will undoubtedly expire. 
          There are no chemicals, sprays, poisons, or baits that are effective for bats. Further more any of these strategies are illegal in Ohio.